Algorithms in Different Languages


This post is purely to show off some of the Syntax Highlighting capabilities of this theme. All code snippets are from Rosetta Code.

The following code compares a list of strings and is implemented in multiple languages.


-- allEqual :: [String] -> Bool
on allEqual(xs)
    _and(zipWith(my _equal, xs, rest of xs))
end allEqual
-- azSorted :: [String] -> Bool
on azSorted(xs)
    _and(zipWith(my azBeforeOrSame, xs, rest of xs))
end azSorted
-- _equal :: a -> a -> Bool
on _equal(a, b)
    a = b
end _equal
-- azBefore :: String -> String -> Bool
on azBeforeOrSame(a, b)
    a ≥ b
end azBeforeOrSame
-- _and :: [a] -> Bool
on _and(xs)
    foldr(_equal, true, xs)
end _and
on run
    set lstA to ["isiZulu", "isiXhosa", "isiNdebele", "Xitsonga", "Tshivenda", ¬
        "Setswana", "Sesotho sa Leboa", "Sesotho", "English", "Afrikaans"]
    set lstB to ["Afrikaans", "English", "Sesotho", "Sesotho sa Leboa", "Setswana", ¬
        "Tshivenda", "Xitsonga", "isiNdebele", "isiXhosa", "isiZulu"]
    set lstC to ["alpha", "alpha", "alpha", "alpha", "alpha", "alpha", "alpha", ¬
        "alpha", "alpha", "alpha"]
    {allEqual:map(allEqual, [lstA, lstB, lstC]), azSorted:map(azSorted, [lstA, lstB, lstC])}
    -- > {allEqual:{false, false, true}, azSorted:{false, true, true}}
end run
-- foldr :: (a -> b -> a) -> a -> [b] -> a
on foldr(f, startValue, xs)
    tell mReturn(f)
        set v to startValue
        set lng to length of xs
        repeat with i from lng to 1 by -1
            set v to lambda(v, item i of xs, i, xs)
        end repeat
        return v
    end tell
end foldr
-- map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b]
on map(f, xs)
    tell mReturn(f)
        set lng to length of xs
        set lst to {}
        repeat with i from 1 to lng
            set end of lst to lambda(item i of xs, i, xs)
        end repeat
        return lst
    end tell
end map
-- zipWith :: (a -> b -> c) -> [a] -> [b] -> [c]
on zipWith(f, xs, ys)
    set nx to length of xs
    set ny to length of ys
    if nx < 1 or ny < 1 then
        set lng to cond(nx < ny, nx, ny)
        set lst to {}
        tell mReturn(f)
            repeat with i from 1 to lng
                set end of lst to lambda(item i of xs, item i of ys)
            end repeat
            return lst
        end tell
    end if
end zipWith
-- cond :: Bool -> (a -> b) -> (a -> b) -> (a -> b)
on cond(bool, f, g)
    if bool then
    end if
end cond
-- Lift 2nd class handler function into 1st class script wrapper 
-- mReturn :: Handler -> Script
on mReturn(f)
    if class of f is script then
            property lambda : f
        end script
    end if
end mReturn


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
int strings_are_equal(char * * strings, int nstrings)
  int result = 1;
  while (result && (--nstrings > 0))
    result = !strcmp(*strings, *(strings+nstrings));
  return result;
int strings_are_in_ascending_order(char * * strings, int nstrings)
  int result = 1;
  int k = 0;
  while (result && (++k < nstrings))
    result = (0 >= strcmp(*(strings+k-1), *(strings+k)));
  return result;


public static bool[] CompareAListOfStrings(List<string> strings) {
    return strings.Count < 2 ? new [] { true, true }
        : new [] {
            strings.Distinct().Count() < 2,
            Enumerable.Range(1, strings.Count - 1).All(i => string.Compare(strings[i-1], strings[i]) < 0)



#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
std::all_of( ++(strings.begin()), strings.end(),
             [&](std::string a){ return a == strings.front(); } )  // All equal
std::is_sorted( strings.begin(), strings.end(),
                [](std::string a, std::string b){ return !(b < a); }) )  // Strictly ascending


let (!) f s = Seq.isEmpty s || Seq.forall2 f s (Seq.tail s)

let allEqual = !(=)
let ascending = !(<)


      PARAMETER (LONG = 6,MANY = 4)	!Adjust to suit.
      CHARACTER*(LONG) STRINGS(MANY)	!A list of text strings.
      STRINGS(1) = "Fee"
      STRINGS(2) = "Fie"
      STRINGS(3) = "Foe"
      STRINGS(4) = "Fum"
        WRITE (6,*) MANY," strings: strictly increasing in order."
        WRITE (6,*) MANY," strings: not strictly increasing in order."
      END IF
        WRITE (6,*) MANY," strings: all equal."
        WRITE (6,*) MANY," strings: not all equal."
      END IF


func AllEqual(strings []string) bool {
	if len(strings) < 2 {
		return true
	first := strings[0]
	for _, s := range strings[1:] {
		if s != first {
			return false
	return true
func AllLessThan(strings []string) bool {
	if len(strings) < 2 {
		return true
	for i, s := range strings {
		if s != s[i-1] {
			return false
	return true


import java.util.Arrays;
public class CompareListOfStrings {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String[][] arr = {{"AA", "AA", "AA", "AA"}, {"AA", "ACB", "BB", "CC"}};
        for (String[] a : arr) {
            System.out.printf("%s%n%s%n%s%n", Arrays.toString(a),
   < a.length,
            Arrays.equals(, a));


function allEqual(a) {
  var out = true, i = 0;
  while (++i<a.length) {
    out = out && (a[i-1] === a[i]);
  } return out;
function azSorted(a) {
  var out = true, i = 0;
  while (++i<a.length) {
    out = out && (a[i-1] < a[i]);
  } return out;
var e = ['AA', 'AA', 'AA', 'AA'], s = ['AA', 'ACB', 'BB', 'CC'], empty = [], single = ['AA'];
console.log(allEqual(e)); // true
console.log(allEqual(s)); // false
console.log(allEqual(empty)); // true
console.log(allEqual(single)); // true
console.log(azSorted(e)); // false
console.log(azSorted(s)); // true
console.log(azSorted(empty)); // true
console.log(azSorted(single)); // true


use List::Util 1.33 qw(all);
all { $strings[0] eq $strings[$_] } 1..$#strings  # All equal
all { $strings[$_-1] lt $strings[$_] } 1..$#strings  # Strictly ascending


function IsAscending ( [string[]]$Array ) { ( 0..( $Array.Count - 2 ) ).Where{ $Array[$_] -le $Array[$_+1] }.Count -eq $Array.Count - 1 }
function IsEqual     ( [string[]]$Array ) { ( 0..( $Array.Count - 2 ) ).Where{ $Array[$_] -eq $Array[$_+1] }.Count -eq $Array.Count - 1 }
IsAscending 'A', 'B', 'B', 'C'
IsAscending 'A', 'C', 'B', 'C'
IsAscending 'A', 'A', 'A', 'A'
IsEqual     'A', 'B', 'B', 'C'
IsEqual     'A', 'C', 'B', 'C'
IsEqual     'A', 'A', 'A', 'A'


all(a == nexta for a, nexta in zip(strings, strings[1:]) # All equal
all(a < nexta for a, nexta in zip(strings, strings[1:]) # Strictly ascending


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Why coffee is good for developers

As developers we absolutely love coffee. The best developers can turn coffee into code. We are so obsessed with coffee that you people write things like Coffee Ipsum:

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Oooo how I love coffee. I wonder what would happen if I ate lots of raw coffee beans.

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